Sunday, May 20, 2012

You had me at "festooned"

“F” is the funniest letter that you’ll ever do. Don’t believe me? Then why are the funniest words all “F” words? For example:

  • festooned
  • funicular
  • floozy
  • flummox
  • farrago
  • flabbergasted

Need more evidence of the funnies? All right, why do so many “F” words refer to fools and their foolishness? Here are just a few:

  • folderol
  • flapdoodle
  • fiddle-faddle
  • frippery
  • foofaraw
  • flimflam
  • fop
  • flibbertigibbet

From the medical community comes “flatulence.”

The culinary community gives us “frankfurter” and “falafel.”

The silliest perversion to be worthy of headlining an episode of Law and Order: SVU? No, it isn’t fire fetishism (though that’s close). It’s “frotteurism,” also known by the more poetic name of “frottage.”

And I know it’s not primarily English, but you have to admit that “fatwa” is a pretty funny word.

Still not convinced? Then answer me this: who is the funniest, fattest fellow in Shakespeare? Falstaff. That’s three “F”s! 

I rest my face.

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Henry said...

"Fatwa" - one of my favorite words for one of my least favorite things to have happen to me.