Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why I Grieve (aka, "What are things?")

Submitted for your approval, the following is a real conversation, proving once again that truth is sadder than fiction.

* * *

Czardoz: Do you like claymation?

Young Whippersnapper: What’s claymation?

Czardoz: That is so sad.

Warzard: It’s like Gumby.

Whip: What’s Gumby?

Czardoz: That is so sad.

Whip: Stop saying that!

Warzard: The Rudolph the Reindeer special.

Whip: That’s specific.

Czardoz: The California Raisins.

Whip: What are the California Raisins?

Czardoz: That is so sad.

Whip: Stop saying that and explain what it is!

Czardoz: Claymation is when they make things with clay, and then make a movie out of it.

Whip: I get it.

Czardoz: And the California Raisins are these raisins that sing Motown songs.

Whip: Motown?

Czardoz: Arrrrgggghhhhh!

1 comment:

Henry said...

Claymation lives on in those terrible Chevron commercials and a surprising number of current cartoons that I don't watch.