Monday, November 30, 2009

His Error-ness

I was out doing a little harmless holiday shopping the other day, when I was assaulted by the following fresco:

Now, I'm neither an art critic nor a basketball fan, but I do know that Michael Jordan rarely sported such a lobotomized facial expression. And have we forgotten that he was known for dunking basketballs, not stroking his own balls?

Be like Mike? Sorry, this painting be like crap.

(Painting spotted at Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego, CA.)


Henry said...

This is just obscene.

Czardoz said...

Should I make a new tag for it, called "obscenity"?

Czardoz said...

I like the folds in his shorts, making it look even more like he's pressing down on his crotch with his hand.

Deana said...

Hmmm, it's certainly not good advertising for Hanes, which he endorses ad nauseum. Maybe the Fruit of the Loom dudes planted this as a smear campaign. Not sure why anyone in his court would want to portray him with Gandhi face and jock itch.

QSN: I like how you labeled your holiday shopping "harmless," although I am disappointed to hear that you didn't purchase me that engraved machete.

Czardoz said...

An alternative reading of the subject posits that Air Jordan is hurting for a bathroom break in between free throws.

Perhaps this is a moderately less obscene interpretation?