Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Most Interesting Thing I Saw at Comic-Con

Comic-Con. Also known as The Con. Super C. The C Cup . . . squared.

If you spend most of your time beating the streets outside of the Convention Center, it may surprise you to know that there are actually comics at Comic-Con. Tons of them, in fact. Aisle upon aisle of tables piled high with nothing but old Archies, Avengers, and maybe even a few copies of Bruce Wayne, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. It may further surprise you to hear that the most interesting thing at the big show isn’t necessarily catching a fleeting glimpse of Lyndsy Fonseca as security(?) dudes yell repeatedly in your ear, “one picture only!” and “keep moving!” Nor is it the sackload of swag I collected, most of it Twilight-related, including a pin adorned with a photo of Edward vampire.

Nor is it even this.

In fact, the most interesting thing at Comic-Con may actually have been . . . this:

Yes, a comic. Haven’t heard of this one, you say? Neither had I. I don’t know what it is that captivated me about young, racially pure Hansi. Maybe it’s the Pippi Longstocking braids, or the subtle warmth of those baby blues. Or maybe it’s the fact that she freakin’ loved the swastika. Whatever it was, I needed to know more. Fortunately for me, our lover of the crooked cross is the subject of much adoration on the Internet. Feel free to read all about her sordid history here, here, and here, and you are welcome to read the entire volume here, but be warned: the allure of our golden-tressed heroine, much like the allure of Nazi propaganda, is inexorable, and you may find yourself becoming . . . Some Jerk: The Dude who Loved the Hansi!

Still Hansi-curious? Here’s a small taste:

Yes, I know. You’re wondering, where can I find $600 before Czardoz does? I suggest you start by checking your sofa cushions. I’ll be running to the bank . . . to rob it!

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